Innovate Your Approach

PersonPuzzle for your client is as easy as 1-2-3-4!

The coaching industry is at a turning point. People are encountering new challenges, results from traditional methods are plateauing, learning demands are evolving, and one word stands out in the minds of clients: VALUE.

What better time is there to innovate your coaching approach?
Enter PersonPuzzle.

PersonPuzzle transforms the traditional coaching experience using the puzzle as a tactile vehicle for self-discovery. Rooted in neuroscience and easy to integrate with any coaching methodology, the solution is designed to help you forge deeper connections with clients, capture and sustain moments of self-insight, and crystallize your value long after sessions are over.

How PersonPuzzle Works

Step 1.
Order Your Client’s PersonPuzzle

Ask your client to send you a head-to-toe photo of themselves doing something that makes them happy—hiking, playing with their kids, at work, golfing, etc.

Getting Your Client’s Photo

Then use our easy-order process to submit that photo, and we’ll build their puzzle!

Ordering for more than one person? Ordering for a workshop or keynote?
We have options for you! And we can ship to multiple addresses.

Step 2.
Introduce the Solution

In 7-10 days, you will receive the beautifully printed and sturdy PersonPuzzle for your client(s). The puzzle comes with a “What to Expect” Guide for your client along with two Sharpies for writing on the puzzle. You will receive a special link with access to a “How-to” Guide for coaches filled with powerful ways to introduce and use the PersonPuzzle solution right away!

Step 3.
Do What You Do Best—COACH!

Be creative. PersonPuzzle seamlessly integrates into your existing methodologies. Each time your client has an “a-ha!” moment of self-discovery, pause the coaching conversation to bring clarity and emphasis to the insight. Direct your client to pull out a piece of their PersonPuzzle and have them write a few meaningful words on top of a piece with their Sharpie to crystallize their new insight about this self discovery.

Step 4.
Assemble the PersonPuzzle

At the conclusion of your coaching engagement, have your client(s) “put themselves together” with their PersonPuzzle. Visually, you and your client will see the extraordinary whole reflection of your coaching work. Offer a piece about how you see and appreciate them. Encourage your client to continue to read and reflect on the pieces to bring on-going attention to their discoveries and commitment to their life.

Explore the Research Trends Behind the Solution

Read our white paper to dive into how the coaching industry is evolving and why solutions like PersonPuzzle are more relevant than ever.

Read the White Paper

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