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The Perfect Partner In Any Executive Coaching Modality

Research from HR software provider Chronus reveals there’s an urgent need for stronger innovation in leadership development. The greatest challenge among coaches today? Getting clients to leverage and retain meaningful learning.

That’s where PersonPuzzle comes in. The tactile, visual solution helps ignite growth, sustain learning, and prove your value in executive coaching settings.

How Executive Coaches Use PersonPuzzle

PersonPuzzle is so easy to use with my clients. The ability for them to capture insights and physically write their awareness on a piece of their puzzle helps them embody that learning. Capturing these insights with PersonPuzzle leads to greater self-discovery in a fun and interactive way. The end result is a completed puzzle that will live with my client forever.

Devra Ochs


Watching a coachee put together their PersonPuzzle at the end of a program is breathtaking. All their hard work and insights come back together, and they see visually – using a picture of themselves – all their fullness, beauty, and glory, as well as their trials and tribulations. The Puzzle itself becomes a resource that can remind them of all they’ve learned, as well as a way for them to powerfully share their journey with others

Steven Morrow

Steven Morrow Leadership

Explore the Research Trends Behind the Solution

Read our white paper to dive into how the coaching industry is evolving and why solutions like PersonPuzzle are more relevant than ever.

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