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Introducing PersonPuzzle

PersonPuzzle® is the first science-based, methodology-agnostic solution for therapists, executive and life coaches to turn one of the world’s favorite pastimes—the puzzle—into a vehicle of meaningful self-discovery for clients.

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“If you can get people to take tangible actions while the insight is close at hand… this will be a big help to ensuring new ideas become reality. With so many thousands of thoughts each day, we need to capture the important ones through the application of attention.”

— David Rock

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Enrich Your Client’s Experience

Use PersonPuzzle to focus your client’s attention on meaningful self-discovery. Enhance your coaching conversation with this interactive and tactile action to capture insight on a “piece of themself.”

Achieve Lasting Outcomes

Make learning “stickier” and insight longer lasting. PersonPuzzle gives your clients a visual takeaway from the coaching experience, one that crystalizes their “a-ha!” moments… long after the engagement ends.

Differentiate Your Practice, Prove Your Value

Witness deeper discovery and change in your clients, even at the first session. PersonPuzzle will set you apart, enhancing your reputation. Your clients will show and tell all about it!

Do More of What You Love – Coach!

Deepen the impact of your coaching method & style. When learning & discovery happens enhance your expertise in an easy & creative way. It’s effective with one-to-ones, small groups & teams, workshops, and couples.


PersonPuzzle is so easy to use with my clients. The ability for them to capture insights and physically write their awareness on a piece of their puzzle helps them embody that learning. Capturing these insights with PersonPuzzle leads to greater self-discovery in a fun and interactive way. The end result is a completed puzzle that will live with my client forever.

Devra Ochs


Watching a coachee put together their PersonPuzzle at the end of a program is breathtaking. All their hard work and insights come back together, and they see visually – using a picture of themselves – all their fullness, beauty, and glory, as well as their trials and tribulations. The Puzzle itself becomes a resource that can remind them of all they’ve learned, as well as a way for them to powerfully share their journey with others

Steven Morrow

Steven Morrow Leadership

Who Uses PersonPuzzle?

Professionals are seeking more of and from coaching than ever before.  Whether one to one, within teams or in leadership workshops, leverage PersonPuzzle to maximize the return from coaching with you. The solution integrates with 360’s, personality and EQ assessments, strengths-based methods and more.

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Use PersonPuzzle in one-on-one, relationship, family, or group coaching and counseling settings. The solution integrates with all methodologies, including Mindfulness, NLP, Voice Dialogue, Tony Robbins Results Coaching, and more.

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Developed for Coaches, By Coaches

With rigorous training and practice in various coaching methodologies, we have coached hundreds of clients. We want to leave our clients with a substantial artifact from their coaching work that can keep us connected to them and keep them connected to themselves and their commitments. The PersonPuzzle was born from and satisfies these desires again and again.